5 Stages to Healthy Water

With clean water becoming more important daily, people are aware of the health benefits of drinking and washing in clear, unpolluted water. Bottled water becomes expensive when you are using gallons a day for drinking, washing, cooking, showering, and doing the laundry.

This cost factor is why people are looking more and more at a reverse osmosis filtration option for their home. The most popular we have found is the 5 stage filtration system

water glass

How does a 5 stage reverse osmosis system actually process the water?

  • STAGE 1 – 5 micron sediment pre-filtration for mechanical reduction of rust and particulate, and provides membrane protection
  • STAGE 2 – granular activated carbon pre-treatment filter
  • STAGE 3 – activated carbon block for reduction of tastes, odors, chlorine, & organic impurities
  • STAGE 4 – thin film composite Reverse Osmosis Membrane for reduction of dissolved solids, including the range of toxic heavy metals, plus Giardia & Cryptosporidium cysts.
  • STAGE 5 – activated in line carbon post-filtration for final polishing of off-tastes & odors.

The above is a brief description of the actual process involved, we know it sounds complex but it’s actually quite a straight forward procedure. We would suggest you look at arranging a professional to install these products, just to ensure they are set up correctly. Often you can arrange all this  together online, while you’re ordering the product.

What Else Do I Need?

Maintenance: Pre and post filters recommended change every six months for regular usage, or once a year in light usage. These are easy to change yourself, instructions come with the replacements.

RO membrane: Change recommended based on periodic TDS rejection tests. Typical is every two years. Again this is a simple operation, you can do this yourself, the instructions are supplied with the replacement parts, or the manufacturers website often has the guides and information available there.

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